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How often do I have to test my employees?
OSHA requires testing be performed annually.


How frequently should I repeat the Noise Survey at my facility? OSHA says when there is a change in the plant facility that affects the noise level, such as removing or adding equipment. NIOSH recommends repeating your Noise Survuy every two years.

 Recordable Hearing Loss

1904.10(b)(4) Do I have to record the hearing loss if I am going to retest the employee's hearing within 30 days? No. Wait until after the result of the retest.

 STS Work Related

1904.10(b)(5) Are there any special rules for determining whether a hearing loss case is work-related? No. You must use the rules in ยง 1904.5 to determine if the hearing loss is work-related.

 Hearing loss

What are two of the most common signs of a noise induced hearing loss? You turn up the radio in the car when driving home after a full day at work. You turn up the volume on the TV at home after a full day of work.
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