The purpose of vision screening in industry is to identify employees in need of ophthalmic services. By having employees referred to the proper practitioners, it helps reduce employee fatigue, increase quality control, and reduced accidents.

The vision screening is conducted using a Titmus II Vision Tester or the Titmus V4 which is a precision-built stethoscopic instrument designed for rapid and precise measurement of visual performance. It was engineered for speed and accuracy, validity and reliability of the tests, and ease and convenience in administration. Each employee is tested with his corrective lenses in place, if applicable. This determines if the employee's corrective lenses are appropriate at this time.

A description of each test is listed below:

  • Binocularity
  • Vision Acuity  
  • Stereo Depth Perception 
  • Color Perception 
  • Vertical Phoria 
  • Lateral Phoria
  • Intermediate Testing available 
The tremendous increase in the use of computers and visual display terminals, most of which are set beyond the normal reading distance, has resulted in focusing attention to the eye fatigue problems of the operators and has emphasized the need for screening at the intermediate distances. 
We can also offer visual screening using the following processes, Snellen Standard Eye Chart, Jaeger Vision Cards, and Farnsworth D-15 color screening.
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