ASI is equipped to conduct various Industrial Hygiene Services, including air monitoring and noise surveys. Our services include a report with recommendations to protect your employees on the job.

All Noise Surveys are conducted by ASI Health Services certified professionals. First, the ASI Health Services technician will consult with you to determine which areas should be monitored and included in the report. Then our technician will perform two types of noise monitoring: an area noise survey using a sound level meter, and personal noise dosimetry using noise dosimeters.

ASI will provide a complete report including:

  • Site maps noting sound level measurements across the entire facility
  • Time weighted averages (TWA) of employees who were monitored, noting which employees are required to participate in the Hearing Conservation Program per the OSHA 1910.95 noise regulation
  • Recommendations for the Hearing Conservation Program
  • Audiologist review of all data
  • Record keeping
  • Web-based or Booklet reports

ASI can audit your current Hearing Conservation Program to confirm it complies with the OSHA 1910.95 noise regulation. We can assist you in identifying deficient areas and make recommendations to bring your program into compliance. This could include:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Hearing test data review
  • Data analysis to identify trends
  • Review calibration documentation
  • Evaluate equipment performance
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